February 8, 2023

10 Ways A CCTV System Can Improve Your Business Security

10 Ways A CCTV System Can Improve Your Business Security

Business security is of paramount importance for any establishment, be it a small retail shop, a heavy-duty factory, or a bustling restaurant. After all, building a successful enterprise from the ground up requires years of hard work and substantial investment. Keeping your assets and machinery secure against the ever-present dangers of theft, short circuits, and water damage is crucial to your business’s success and longevity.

CCTV cameras have emerged as a vital tool in this endeavour, offering an array of benefits for businesses of all sizes and types. From preventing potential thefts and robberies, to helping you gather evidence in the event of a loss, CCTV surveillance systems can be just the right tool in giving your business an added layer of protection.

As technology has progressed, CCTV systems have become increasingly advanced, sophisticated, and affordable. Whether you operate a small grocery store or a complex production unit, installing a robust surveillance system can offer you a number of advantages.

In this blog, we will take a look at the top benefits of CCTV cameras for businesses and how they can help you keep your stock, equipment, and cash safe from unexpected risks.

  1. Reduce insurance premium

Installing a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system has a direct impact on your business insurance premium. Many insurance providers take into account the level of security measures in place when determining the risk profile of a business. By implementing a CCTV system, you are effectively reducing the risk of theft, burglary, and other criminal activity, which in turn can lead to a lower insurance premium.

Additionally, some insurance providers require the installation of a CCTV system as a prerequisite for coverage against specific risks such as burglary and theft. This means that a CCTV system is crucial in obtaining the coverage you need to fully protect your business.

  1. Expedite insurance claims

CCTV cameras can provide crucial evidence in the event of an insurance claim. The footage captured by the cameras can be used to show the exact cause of damage, such as a break-in or a fire, and can be used to verify the extent of the damage. This can greatly assist in the claims process and can also help prevent fraudulent claims.

  1. Prevent theft and fraud

CCTV cameras can do wonders in deterring would-be thieves and fraudsters from stealing or damaging valuable property. Placing them at strategic locations can reduce the risk of vandalism and break-ins, as well as prevent internal theft committed by employees or suspicious customers.
Collect evidence

  1. Collect evidence

CCTV cameras are an essential tool in collecting evidence in case of theft, robbery, or any other crime that may occur at a business. The high-resolution footage captured by these cameras can be used by authorities to identify suspects, track their movements, and recover stolen property.

  1. Real-time monitoring

Video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your facility real-time. With advancements in e-surveillance technology, such monitoring can be easily done remotely on a computer, phone, or tablet. With real-time-monitoring, business owners can quickly identify and respond to any suspicious activity, such as a break-in or theft, and take action to prevent further losses.

  1. Increase employee productivity

CCTV cameras can help businesses like restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other employee-led organisations to keep their employees’ activity in check and ensure that they are following company policies and procedures. This can help to reduce the risk of internal theft, fraud, and other forms of misconduct.

Additionally, CCTV cameras can relieve floor managers and other supervisors from the need to constantly monitor employee activity, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

  1. Assist in inventory management

CCTV cameras can help businesses with inventory management by providing a visual record of the movement and usage of inventory within the business. This is particularly useful for businesses such as retail stores, warehouses, and factories that regularly handle large amounts of inventory, including goods and raw materials.

With the help of CCTV footage, business managers can identify any patterns of stock loss and where inventory may be wasted. With the real-time footage, businesses can also keep track of inventory during peak hours and ensure that the inventory is being restocked as needed.

  1. Save on security-related costs

Installing a CCTV surveillance system at strategic areas on your premises can be much cheaper than hiring a round the clock security guard. Newer CCTV systems that are built on state-of-the-art technology offer clearer footage, night-time infrared support, cheaper installation, and much lower maintenance costs than their older counterparts.

  1. Improve customer service

CCTV cameras provide a visual record of employee-customer interactions, which can be used to monitor customer behaviour and identify patterns, such as peak shopping times, popular products, and common complaints. This is especially helpful for retail shops where managers can use this data to adjust product placements, improve employee training, and ensure customers receive timely assistance.

  1. Resolve internal and external disputes

CCTV cameras provide a permanent record of your business’s daily activity. This can be used to resolve any internal disputes businesses can better assess the situation and provide a fair resolution. CCTV footage can even help organisations counter any false liability lawsuits that may be levelled against them.

  • Small businesses do not need CCTV surveillance

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to thefts, burglaries, break-ins, and acts of vandalism as larger businesses. Small enterprises like grocery stores, clothing stores, and warehouses often have significant amounts of valuable assets in the form of cash, merchandise, and equipment that can be attractive targets for thieves. CCTV cameras are indispensable when it comes to keeping these establishments safe.

  • Guarding the premises is enough as a security measure

Many retail stores employ security guards to patrol the premises, but this alone may not be enough to protect your business from theft or other criminal activity. CCTV cameras provide an added layer of security by allowing you to monitor the entire premises, even when the guard is not present. Most CCTV cameras work 24/7, thereby precluding the need to hire a round-the-clock security guard and helping you reduce expenditure.

  • Setting up a CCTV system is complicated

With new advancements in surveillance technology, installing a CCTV system is no longer a complicated and tedious process. It can often be done without professional assistance, making it a cost-effective and accessible solution for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, many CCTV systems come with the option of cloud storage, which eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate storage device.

  • Installing a CCTV system is expensive

The cost of CCTV installation is often viewed as a barrier, but it is important to note that CCTV surveillance systems come in a range of options that can accommodate various budgets. Smaller businesses can opt for a more cost-effective solution, such as installing a few strategically placed cameras rather than a larger system. This can still provide the necessary protection without breaking the bank.

CCTV cameras are without doubt essential in keeping away thieves and giving you the peace of mind you need to run your business successfully. But they often fail to provide you 100% security against pressing dangers. For instance, the risk of a short circuit burning down your factory, a riotous mob causing damage to your shop, or heavy rainfall destroying your stock are all very real and can result in you facing tremendous financial losses. And a surveillance system alone can’t give you complete protection against these threats.

So, to provide small businesses with a one-stop solution to all of their business safety concerns, Verak has launched its flagship Safety Plan. With this 2-in-1 offering, you can get wireless CCTV surveillance along with a comprehensive Business Insurance policy starting at an affordable rate of ₹8 per day.

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of Indian business owners, our Safety Plan provides a multi-faceted approach to security. It offers protection against over a dozen natural and man-made threats while delivering the full benefits of a state-of-the-art video surveillance system.

The CCTV camera included in this service package boasts an impressive array of features, including:

  • Cloud storage and backup, ensuring your recordings remain safe and retrievable even in the event of theft.
  • Convenient mobile app connectivity, giving you the ability to monitor footage and sound the alarm from anywhere.
  • High-definition 1080p footage, providing crystal clear images.
  • A built-in alarm system, providing an extra layer of security for your business.

What’s more, Verak offers you a seamless WhatsApp-based process from purchase to claims, allowing you to compare prices, make an informed decision, download policy copy, and file for claims in just a few steps. We have helped over 5,000 Indian business owners secure their finances and we aim to serve 10 Lakh more such businesses by 2027!

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